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      Chutneys For Curry Selection


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      Our Selection of Chutneys For Curry are ideal for lovers of spicy foods and curries.

      Each pack contains:

      Mango Chutney (300g)
      This is an authentic sweet mango chutney, imported directly from India. With such large pieces of fruit, we can only fill our large jars with it!! Perfect with poppadoms and curries.

      Devon Fire Chutney (300g)
      Our Devon Fire Chutney is hot and versatile – perfect for those who like a little spice in their food. With red peppers and oranges, it has a surprisingly fruity flavour, and the measured addition of Scotch Bonnets leaves a pleasant residual heat on the tongue. We’ve found that Devon Fire Chutney is great as a dip with poppadoms or a curry, or as a fiery addition to cheese on toast.

      Curried Peach Chutney (300g)
      With a hint of exotic curry flavouring, this is great with chicken, curries and cold meats.



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