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Living local and loving it!

Being a small food producer in our Devon community brings many benefits. Yesterday Mrs. Otter Vale got to go on some “urgent deliveries” (her excuse to get out and about to see some of our customers), collecting some extra fresh produce at Dart Fresh, calling in at local farm shops Greendale and Darts Farm to pick up some essentials, and generally chewing the fat with some other local and lovely small business owners.

Calling into the always-smiling Veg In A Box team, she had to clear some room in the boot to fit in a generously HUGE box of fresh fruit & veg.  Julie and co. are staunch supporters of fresh, local produce, provenance and uses a lot of small local producers and farms.  They are also great fun!  Her box of delights later worked its magic on Master Otter Vale, who investigated the contents thoroughly under Mr. Otter Vale’s watchful eye. Together they named the various items as daddy re-emphasised the importance of knowing your food, and (mummy hopes!) they are planning to make great things from it!




Later, we had a visit from our FastTrack2Growth friends, the Clive’s Country Gardens family (also from #Cullompton), where had a long overdue catch up.  We chatted about how much we’d learned from our FastTrack2Growth business partners and from the many members we met, and about putting those plans into action.  Clive’s Country Gardens provides sustainable gardening services and is doing great work in our local area.  Clive is devoted to recycling and working within our community.  Phoebe has also made a delicious chutney from their own green tomatoes, and we were honoured to give it our seal of approval. No doubt Granny Otter Vale will be chasing that recipe!

That evening, Master Otter Vale pulled a fast one and got to stay up late because – drum roll, please – Mrs. Otter Vale WAS COOKING!!!  Well, she was making soup, but for her, that’s a biggie.  So of course, Master had to supervise and make sure everything was going to plan.  It was his pumpkin, after all!  We made spiced pumpkin soup from the Great British Chefs recipe section.  Mrs. Otter Vale hasn’t quite been brave enough to try out Dining Devon‘s Sue Stoneman‘s pumpkin cake recipe, but if you’ve got some pumpkin, give it a go and let us know how it turned out!

Can’t not smile after a lovely day like that!



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