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Help! Is YOUR Favourite Otter Vale Product a Worthy winner?

Ok, Otter Vale fans – we need your help!
Awards season is upon us, and we just can’t make up our minds. Should we enter? Which of your favourites do you think will make the cut?  Many of our products are already award winning, which is great. However we think the best reward is when you enjoy what we make – particularly when you tell us why.

(Photo: Nick Hook for Food Drink Devon)

Not all awards are blind taste tested, and all are dependent on what the judge or panel thinks, so please try not to take it personally if YOUR favourite doesn’t/hasn’t won an award!  Also, awards tend to have a defined time period after which they need to go through the process again – but no guarantee that they’ll get another award, of course.

Our three most popular products all “need” their awards updating – Devon Chutney/Onion & Pineapple was awarded a Great Taste Silver in 2006, Devon Fire Chutney got a Gold Taste of the West award in 2003 and Apple with Westcountry Cider Chutney received a Great Taste 1 Star award in 2013.  As we’re celebrating 40 years of Otter Vale’s DevonChutney/Onion & Pineapple this year, we thought we’d ask you – do we go there, do YOU need them to have an award; or do we try something new?  What products would you like us to submit for prestigious awards coming up this year?  Give us your favourite, or your top 6; tell us why you think it’s so special and we’ll take it from there.
Otter Vale Products
If we get over 25 replies by 27th January 2019, we’ll pick our favourite/the wittiest replies, and the winner will receive a parcel of 6 of your suggestions.
No cheating though, you’ve got to really enjoy them – we’ll know if you don’t! 🤣
Thanks for your help – your feedback is so important to our team, and we hope you continue to enjoy eating what we make, whether it’s got a shiny award sticker or not!
(Photo: Nick Hook for Food Drink Devon)


  • Chris worth

    Devon chutney

    27th January 2019
  • Clive slinn

    The date and FIg relish IS definitely a winner

    27th January 2019
  • Pam rich

    Top of the list for me is Curried Peach clOsely followed by marmalade with Brandy,mincemeat and devon chutney with pineapple. Also a frim favourite with lamb is redcurrant jelly with mint and orange just devine. Good luck team otter may 2019 be an outst year for you.

    27th January 2019

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