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    Due to increased charges from our delivery partner, we have had to increase the cost to our customers. Our products are now also available on Amazon, and whilst prices are a little higher there are no delivery charges for Amazon Prime customers and also no minimum order quantity. You can reach the Amazon site for our products here

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      Welcome to Otter Vale

      Producers of the celebrated Devon Chutney (onion and pineapple) and Devon Fire chutney, Otter Vale Products make a whole range of delicious hand-made gluten-free chutneys and preserves, savoury jellies, piccalilli, salsa and other delicious traditional food accompaniments. Our products are made from the finest ingredients with no artificial colours or flavouring.
      Whether you are simply looking for something special to serve with a traditional “Ploughman’s” or are seeking a superior chutney, savoury jelly, preserve or pickle to accompany meat or fish dishes, then Otter Vale’s award-winning chutneys and preserves are the answer.

      Love This Chutney!

      I’ve been buying Devon Fire for a couple of years and it’s been popular with the whole family and it’s great I can buy it online!


      Praise For Devon Fire

      Absolutely love this chutney. It certainly has a bit of a kick to it. Been having this delivered for years now. Keep up the good work Otter Vale!


      Favourite Mango Chutney

      This is my favourite Mango Chutney. It's as good as anything I've tasted in an Indian Restaurant (and, golly, do I visit a lot of those!)