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Throughout the years our products have been awarded numerous accolades: 9 Taste of the West awards and 3 Great Taste awards.


Finest Ingredients

We source our ingredients locally wherever possible and further afield when necessary, but always demand quality for our hand-made products.


Nothing Artificial

None of our ingredients contain any artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.



All of our products are “gluten-free”. Where malt vinegar is used as an ingredient, gluten is present at less than 20ppm and therefore suitable for people on a gluten-free diet.

Welcome to Otter Vale Products

Producers of the celebrated Devon Chutney (onion and pineapple) and Devon Fire chutney, Otter Vale Products make a whole range of delicious hand-made gluten-free chutneys and preserves, savoury jellies, piccalilli, salsa and other delicious traditional food accompaniments. Our products are made from the finest ingredients with no artificial colours or flavouring.

Whether you are simply looking for something special to serve with a traditional “Ploughman’s” or are seeking a superior chutney, savoury jelly, preserve or pickle to accompany meat or fish dishes, then Otter Vale’s award-winning chutneys and preserves are the answer.

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